As a locally grown company, Click is interested in all the evolving Halifax Regional Municipality has to offer. That’s why we’ve started @peopleofHRM on Twitter. It is a Twitter account that gives voice to anyone who wishes to take it on and share their experiences with its followers.

The account is curated by volunteering individuals for the period of one week to discuss their lives, lifestyles and experiences around the HRM. It is a chance for you to educate or be educated about different vocations, lifestyles and goings on in the HRM. Discussion can range from political to simpler things like gardening tips and child rearing. The experience is often positive and enlightening as we tend to be a bunch of fun loving and accepting individuals.

The account is monitored by three moderators from Click Productions to avoid “hate speech” and should not be used for evil.

If you are interested in becoming @peoplepfHRM for a week please email or reach out to @mrlarter on twitter. Once you have agreed and been signed in your curation period will last from Sunday evening 7pm to the following Sunday evening. Let us know what week you would like to curate; the subjects you would like to touch on and a short bio to be posted during your week.

Please include in your email

• The week you would like to curate

• An profile photo

• A bio for the twitter page

• A few subjects you might like to tweet about

• A password you would like to use

Thanks for you interest.