People of HRM Curator Agreement

This agreement regarding the People of HRM account is between the custodians of people of Halifax represented by @mrlarter, @***** and the curator (herein after referred to as “The Curator”). By accepting the account you agree to:

1. The Curator will be the sole tweeter of the account unless otherwise discussed.

2. The Curator will ensure that the custodians have access to the account during all times (ie: will not attempt to change the password)

3. The Curator  will safeguard the account from being hacked by a third party

4. The Curator will keep the initially approved bio, picture and header for the duration of curation

5. The Curator will return the @peopleorHRM to the custodians at the end of your curation week or at an earlier time if specified by the custodians

6. The Curator will not defame any business product or group (no hate speech)

7. The Curator will only share content is not an infringement or violation of copyright or license and they respect the privacy of another person

8. The Curator will not use excessively obscene or rude language or any other language that violates the privacy of a third party

9. The Curator will not actively promote or advertise any business for which you are receiving gifts or remuneration from a third party

10. The Curator will be mindful of the content that you retweet. You are responsible for them as if they are your own

11. The Curator will revoke all access to the account from any link devices apps or any other process through which access to the account may be obtained once his/her time has elapsed.

12. The Curator will sign out and finish up with the account approximately 7 p.m. on Sunday evening

13. The Curator will not block other users unless they're being abusive or harassing. Please do not unfollow any accounts. If you choose not to see the content make use of the mute function. Please feel free to follow any accounts.

14. The custodians @mrlarter and @****** reserve the right to delete tweets from the account